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You are what you eat: now serving number
Bovine-CJD: might you already have it? ... Visit charity pages
(Early warnings: insomnia, memory loss, depression, anxiety, withdrawal, fearfulness)

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NEWS 2001 has moved...

Apr 17..Webmaster: the next generation
Apr 28..Global TSE News
Mar 24..Slaughter on suspicion
Mar 17..Second epidemic raging
Feb 27..Canada censors scientists
Feb 16..Diagnostic news
Feb 12..Cosmetics ban on 13 countries
Feb 11..Genetically modified foods
Feb 09..Bogus BSE in Brazil?
Jan 30..Texas cattle quarantined
Jan 13..FDA scolds feed mills
Jan 08..Canadian concerns
Jan 03..FDA issues vaccine alert

NEWS 2000...

Dec 28..UN fears worldwide BSE
Dec 23..US finally bans BSE feed
Dec 15..2 cows per 1000 mad
Dec 07..Half-measures: 30 month cow
Dec 06..CWD round-up
Nov 30..Mood swings
Nov 27..nvCJD case in Germany?
Nov 25..Azores, Germany admit BSE
Nov 23..Will Canada, US be next?
Nov 21..Epidemic revised upward
Nov 16..Europe faces mad cows
Nov 14..France faces mad cows
Nov 07..Cannabalism on way out
Oct 30..nvCJD at age 74
Oct 29..Inquiry=whitewash+hogwash
Oct 23..Inquiry blames 30
Oct 05..No one's remit
Sep 18..7 blood donors had nvCJD
Sep 10..nvCJD..48 deaths per year
Aug 28..Belgium denied Vermont sheep
Aug 16..Knacker's yard suspected
Aug 11..Lawyers reach deal
Aug 02..Judge..mad sheep must die
Jul 27..Vermont sheep trial over
Jul 26..Prusiner won't eat sheep
Jul 25..That sheep may safely graze
Jul 18..USDA..carrot-and-stick
Jul 17..Mad sheep seizure in Vermont
Jul 16..Queniborough cluster 1, 2
Jul 16..nvCJD toll reaches 82
Jun 26..French to actively screen
May 29..CWD converts human
May 13..Appendix study out
May 09..2 million BSE vaccine doses
May 08..Tonsil tests..no news
May 03..Tonsil tests..bad news
Apr 23..Spread mysterious third way
Apr 03..Calf cannibalism continues
Mar 29..US scrapie emergency
Mar 18..15 new cases released
Mar 11..Baby confirmed?
Mar 10..Mother/baby nvCJD
Feb 12..Oprah, Lyman vindicated
Feb 01..CWD slaughter
Jan 24..France to random test
Jan 17..Millions at risk
Jan 01..Blood infectious

NEWS 1999..

Dec 20..BSE causes nvCJD
Nov 30..Pediatric CJD
Nov 21..TSEs in blood
Nov 05..Montana elk: CWD
Nov 01..nvCJD reaches 49
Oct 28..EU feeds cows sewage
Oct 03..Bovine brain injections
Sep 21..The risk is tiny
Aug 28..Kuru deaths continuing
Aug 18..Blood bank shortages
Aug 14..Seattle meat-packer CJD
Aug 06..China bans ¦rench wine
Jul 19..Sheep dura mater
Jun 25..Childhood sheep cell injections
Jul 22..Dioxin: Belgian beef
Jun 02..FDA nixes nvCJD blood
Jun 01..Jay Whitlock, 27, hunter
May 07..UK zoo exports
May 01..USDA downer estimates
Apr 25..Veterinary political delays
Apr 18..Occasionally affected blood
Apr 10..Hemophiliacs concerned
Mar 27..Doug McEwen, plasma donor
Mar 18..Grim outlook
Mar 05..Cattle pituitary injections
Mar 01..Surgery and sporadic CJD
Feb 25..Surgical sterilization
Feb 08..Howard Lyman, mad cowboy
Feb 01..Blood safety questioned
Jan 25..CWD video
Jan 16..Gelatin as film backing
Jan 08..Tracie McEwen's account
Jan 03..CJD not reportable disease


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Double trouble: co-regulation
Human ghost prion
Prion tandem paralogue
Enzymatic function reported
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Amyloid immunization
In vitro conversion
Future fatal fibrils
Fatal fibril updates
Enhancing amyloid production
Prion pseudogenes
Glycans: bittersweet news
Zoo TSE toll reaches 84
Primate TSE disaster
Cow with 7 repeats
Disulphide on center stage
Yeast prions confirm Glenner theory
Shedding of agent from dermis
Tonsil screen warranted
Very odd goat allele
January science news
Chromosome 20p abnormalities
Prion synteny
Lab notebooks fair game
December 98 science news
LA meeting highlights
New London CJD center
Knockout controls?
Prion porphyrin therapy
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Infectivity of blood fractions
Exon issues
Iceland meeting
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Diagnostics update
August science news
P102L termini determined
Repeat region function
Repeat region structure
June science news
Lethal partial knockout
BSE carrier animals found
Prions at the ER
B lymphocytes
Pullman scrapie test
Scrapie dans un boeuf: 1883 fulltext
Copper and chelation
Weak species barrier found
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Universal disease architecture
Deadly conformations: prion misfolding
Hopes for universal therapy
Congo Red amyloids
Prion seed capping, strain interference
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Parasitized prion gene
Sequence archives
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Arginine fiasco
Hazardous haplotypes in sheep
NMR: hamster apoprotein
Hamster prion nmr
Quality Assurance on pdb structures
Cat prion conflict
Laminin prion receptor
GAGAG in sporadic dementia
Psychiatric prion disease?
15B3 recognition of rogue prion
Diagnosis, therapy via RNA aptamers
New prion analogue found
Nature: BSE-to-nvCJD
Yeast prions similar to mammals
Yeast chaperone binds prion
Strain back-tracking 101
HSS gene maps to prion location
Prion quaternary structure
What species barrier?
Locking horns with greater kudu
Prion genetics news
Is scrapie genetic?
Sheep allele update: June 97
Prion gene neighbors
Bcl-2, Bax, and prion protein
Mad goat round-up
March Science News
Neurological repeat diseases
Prion glycosylation
Science News thru Oct 27
Breakthrough on in vitro assay
Prion Molecular Biology
Clarification of prion strains

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